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The Internet should be like the sidewalk connecting people, students, teachers, nonprofits and businesses without a toll booth controlled by private monopolies. Let’s network with each other to share our experiences and learn how to create our own infrastructures. Some people think they can expand Broadband Internet by giving people fish. Others offer to teach people how to fish. Let’s talk about how we can change the fishing industry!

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  • Learn about how we can address rural Broadband in Michigan
    Watch the video below. Read the book. Contact us about rural Michigan Broadband and our training programs launching in 2022. The CBAN team hosted a discussion with Christopher Ali, author of the book “Farm Fresh Broadband – The Politics of Rural Connectivity”. Ali’s book features an analysis of the failure of U.S. broadband policy to…
  • Broadband Internet Access GIS Maps
    Let’s organize people with the greatest need Here is a story map that uses ARCGIS from ESRI to visualize data about Internet access by County. As funds are now being allocated for Broadband Infrastructure, let’s ensure that money doesn’t all go to Comcast, but instead also goes to Community Owned Internet Networks. After you hover…
  • What Michigan can learn from Nebraska about Broadband
    Billions of dollars are now flowing for Broadband Internet. How will they be spent? Will we subsidize existing monopolies or support locally run infrastructure? In Nebraska, Althea has partnered with NetEquity and a middle mobile provider that has over 10,000 miles of fiber underground. Let’s think about whether Michigan could do something similar with a…


Build your own infrastructure

There are a number of existing approaches that we can learn from. This video uses Google earth to show a network that was created in a rural area. The same tools can also be used in an urban area with some adjustments. We can do similar things in Michigan. From crimping an ethernet cable connection to tuning an antenna on a rooftop, let’s learn together.